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    Welcome to the Absolute Beginner Series.

  • Getting started

    Click to get started with instructionsThis site is aimed at helping beginners learn computers, tablets, smartphones and the internet. It will also help people who have started but are still struggling with this new technology. 

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  • T1. Introduction to computers

    ComputerWhat you will learn

    In this section, you will learn about different types of computers and their main components. You will learn how to use a computer mouse and computer keyboard.

    Don't panic, there's no geek type stuff.

  • T2. Introduction to Windows

    WindowsWhat you will learn

    In this section, you will learn about the Windows Operating System (OS) and how to use it. The OS manages the computer's hardware and software and allows humans to interact with it. 

    You use the OS and its tools for managing your documents, photos, music etc, as well as transferring them to and from devices like USB sticks, camera SD cards, attaching things to an email, or downloading items from emails or the internet. It is an important skill to learn (no you don't have to be a geek!). 

    Work you way steadily down the page doing the modules relevant to your computer.

  • T3. Introduction to mobile technology

    TabletWhat you will learn

    In this section, you will learn about tablets and smartphones. They can do many of the things that computers can do but are portable and arguably easier to use.

    There are two distinct, capable, yet very similar, types – Apple iPad / iPhone and Android based devices.

  • T4. Introduction to the Internet

    What you will learn

    In this section, you will learn about the Internet, which is an important part of everyday life for people around the world. But if you have never used the Internet before, it can be a bit confusing at first.

    This tutorial will answer some of the question you may have about the Internet, how to connect and how to use it.

  • T5. Email, chat and communication systems

    EmailWhat you will learn

    In this section, we will explore ways to communicate with others over the Internet. One of the most popular uses of the Internet is for communication.

    There are various ways to communicate using the Internet – here we will look email, Messenger and Skype.

  • T6. Beyond the Basics

    Time to play

    Once you have a handle on the basics of using a computer, tablet or smartphone then the world is your oyster.

    We have included some different tutorials on a variety of topics that you might like to explore.

  • Glossary

    GlossaryAll new technology and ideas comes with new terms. Computers, tablets, internet, email etc are no different. This is where you find out what some of them mean. Often the biggest obstacle to learning is simply know what those strange new words mean.

    Glossary: 1